Friday, 26 June 2015

Even Wilder...

I've posted about All Things Wild in Honeybourne before, but really want to flag up all the great stuff they've done since our last visit. The cafe seems to have tripled in size and now boasts a completely awesome indoor beach to keep the little ones occupied while you eat, genius! There is a fantastic barefoot walk which Honey and I both enjoyed, we walked over cobbles, bark, gravel and more then rinsed our feet at the end (Honey's best bit). Also new to us, was the trim trail and hollow log which Honey and her mate Alfie had a clamber through. The dinosaur trail is now much more defined, with information plaques at each stop and ending with a real helicopter for everyone to climb inside. I was also pleased to see that the Meet Rex exhibition has been re-homed at All Things Wild, it was fab to see the exhibits again in the dino barn! Another great day had by all, we snacked in a teepee (as you do), had a pit stop at an archeological dig and of course visited all the animal friends we made last time we were there!

Honey wears... Straw hat by Tesco

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Keep Calm and Carry on...

If you'd told me two years ago that I'd be attending The European Babywearing Conference, I'd have had absolutely no idea what on Earth you were referring to! Honey and I headed down to Thornbury Leisure Centre after hearing from some of our local Babywearing friends how great the event was. It turns out that this is the sling equivalent of The Clothes Show Live, without as many pop stars and male models, but with an equal number of beautiful things to spend way too much money on! We were so proud to see our favourite sling guru Nicole doing her thing promoting and sharing the ABC love, as well as demonstrating the gorgeous Vija skin to skin tops (which by the way, are totally on our list for any future Gore babies). It was also cool to meet one of our Instafavourites Geeky Sweetheart, who was absolutely lovely and who was totally rocking a new prototype carrier which grabbed my attention because it was made from dinosaur fabric! 

Honey wears... Tiered vest by Mini Boden

Saturday, 6 June 2015

The County Kitchen...

I've been meaning to try this cafe for a while, I'd seen their awesome play corner on Facebook and immediately felt that this would be somewhere that Honey would love! What first struck me was the lovely, wide doorway, perfect for getting the buggy in and equipped with a baby gate so we could enjoy the summer breeze, while keeping the little ones safe. There's plenty of room round the tables and they have highchairs if your baby wants to join you for food. The kids' menu is healthy and delicious sounding (Honey had already had lunch so she didn't sample anything today, apart from being given some waffle to try - yum) and I can highly recommend the smoothie (I had strawberry, apple, cucumber and mint) and the chicken, bacon and avocado salad from the adult menu. The toilet is small but has everything you need for changing a baby or toddler and was really clean, which is always good! We loved our first experience of The County Kitchen and will definitely be going again soon.

Honey wears... Navy cardigan by Tesco

Monday, 1 June 2015

She scrubs up well...

It's here! Our gorgeous supply of Child's Farm natural toiletries for young and sensitive skin has arrived! Honey was so excited and kept trying to guess what was inside (a bowl, an owl or a jumper were some guesses). Luckily, the contents of the box didn't disappoint and Honey began planning her bath straight away. When I asked her who she was going to share the bottles and cards with, she gave me a long list of babies and toddlers she knows, as well as some slightly less likely candidates such as George Pig and Gaston the Ladybird... As Child's Farm Ambassadors, we have been asked to trial and review products supplied by this award winning British company and share samples. We will not ask you to buy anything and we do not hold any stock, however if you like your samples, we can definitely point you in the right direction for discounts and special offers (Boots have a good offer on at the moment). We have 10 sample sized bubble bath and nappy creams to share with friends and family so let is know if you'd like to try some with absolutely no sales pitch or obligation to buy!

Honey wears... Bunny jumper dress by Mini Club @ Boots