Sunday, 21 June 2015

Keep Calm and Carry on...

If you'd told me two years ago that I'd be attending The European Babywearing Conference, I'd have had absolutely no idea what on Earth you were referring to! Honey and I headed down to Thornbury Leisure Centre after hearing from some of our local Babywearing friends how great the event was. It turns out that this is the sling equivalent of The Clothes Show Live, without as many pop stars and male models, but with an equal number of beautiful things to spend way too much money on! We were so proud to see our favourite sling guru Nicole doing her thing promoting and sharing the ABC love, as well as demonstrating the gorgeous Vija skin to skin tops (which by the way, are totally on our list for any future Gore babies). It was also cool to meet one of our Instafavourites Geeky Sweetheart, who was absolutely lovely and who was totally rocking a new prototype carrier which grabbed my attention because it was made from dinosaur fabric! 

Honey wears... Tiered vest by Mini Boden

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